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Awesome series. Thanks for sharing.


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This is an incredible series of images. May I suggest you submit it somewhere

Absolutely marvellous eric !!

Yup, the nature thing isreally out of perspective - You get the elephant "lovers" shouting the odds about culling, with their feet stuck in leather shoes, driving their leather seated cars, eating fat steaks [and Mary's li'l lamb] while the overpopulated elephants wreak havoc in the land because man hasrestricted his territory....so - put all the "gruesome" shots on, it's all part of life.

[I saw a documentary this weekend on an area here that went through a serious drought, they showed footage of a femaleleopard eating her own half-grown cub that a male leopard had killed, and that's what nature is about, survival... although I'm glad we don't have to resort to eating our kids, only other species children:G:G]

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Terrific action shots! I am also relieved we didn't miss out on seeing those!Were you watching him anticipating the hawk pouncing or were you shooting the nest for the parents return? Either way great opportunity.

Thanks for sharing your photos!

Trique Daddi
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This is how it unfolded.

The early shots where when the hawk landed on a different side of the tree. So I watched the tree (and watched the birds attack it) and took some pictures. When the hawk left, I continued down the trail, past the tree. When I was on the other side of the tree the hawk came back (it actually might be a different one, as there were two hawks on the same tree, both getting attacked.) So I got ready and took some pictures of that. Then, right before my eyes, I saw it turn and put its head into something... I realized this is odd behavour (I didn't know what yet) and just started shooting. When it took its head out and I saw the baby, I knew I'd got something good.

So in the end I wasn't watching the hawk for the grab or the nest for the attack. I was watching the hawk for it to be attacked again and caught the baby snatch because I was ready and in the right place.

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