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ImKayd1 wrote:
About my leg. Got my foot caught and fell sideways over an old fence post. Spiral fracture of the fibula. Unfortunately I thought it was just a really bad sprain and walked on it for a week:?. Argh. Surgery with plate and screws later and I'm going nuts. Thanks for the interest and good wishes.

The 'sleeping' photo is really just a closed eye (as evidenced by the tip of the tongue sticking out) photo taken at a 4 shot burst.

Susan - That's HOW they sleep! Their hearts beat at 600 WHEN THEY'RE SLEEPING! They just close their eyes for a blink - Hey I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that - different strokes...

It's a RARE photo:!::!:

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Hey really great shots suzan:-). Sorry to hear about your leg. I know what you mean about walking on it thinking it was a sprain. I broke all of the long bones to my toes in my left foot when I was 15 and my parents thought I was just sooking, I walked on it for about three weeks then finally saw a doctor, consequently they had to re-brake the healing bones and I had a cast on for 7 weeks. This was in summer and it was 40c for the first two weeks in the cast!! was a real bummer
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wondering, if they are dreaming too ! )

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