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This petition is for everyone who had been amazed by Normcars pics. If you would like him(and all other photographers in his league) to post their bird photography tips, comment here.

Don't have to give away all your secrets, just things like how do you get so close, how are your shots so sharp, etc.

Thanks in advance from all aspiring bird photographers.
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Good idea, I'm all for it. One can never quit learning.
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Thanks so much, John, for the wonderful compliment. I will do my best to put something together over the next little while that will explain how I do my own personal post processing of images. No way they look as sharp out of camera, as I'm sure most here understand. It's a process that as Houston has shown, clearly and effectively, that with practice one can become extremely good at turning a canvas (the raw image) into a masterpiece (lately Houston's shots). I know how much work Houston has put into working out how to process photos, and I have been doing the same thing for over a year now. I think that post processing is vital and I had a bit of a head start because I'd been working with computer processing for years prior to my entry into still photography. It just so happened that my past experience was helpful for me to bring out what could be brought out in a photograph. A bad photo will never glean anything, but a good photo, well processed, will offer something worthwhile, I believe. Thanks for your vote of confidence in my methodology in that matter, I appreciate it very much. I also appreciate it when I see people like Houston growing so much in so little time. I'd say that Houston needs to post his ideas too, I'd like to hear them myself
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