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Watching the chickadees tonight I noticed that they store their seeds in curled up, dead leaves, similar to the Nuthatch who stores the cache in bark.

Close look

Zoom away to get more seeds

Woody peeks, he landed on me again, and stayed on my leg for a few seconds. Weird feeling, but nice. And it happened twice, which is double weird. Sorry, no shots of it, as I had no wide angle attached. Downy woodpecker feet on my thighs felt pretty cool:

I take a little cloth chair full of seeds around the forest and the birds become accepting of my presence, which is cool, even though I know that all they are interested in is my food offering. I dropped the little cloth seed chair right near a tree that was lit from the side for this one:

And I will leave off with a shot of the Nuthatch, who is getting used to my presence as well, along with it's mate. It landed on me once, only, though, but I'm working on more landings with this one, and others:

As you people from the South know, we up North have very little to photograph during the winter months, when it comes to songbirds or other winged subjects. So, it's a fact to myself that we up here need to focus and work on gathering subjects that will remain throughout the winter months. I'm pleased that I am having some success in this endeavor, and will continue to work on it to the utmost. Hope you can get some enjoyment from the shots, in any event, cheers to you.
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That's amazing, Norm!
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[email protected] wrote:
That's amazing, Norm!
Yeah, wonderful story! Wonderful shots. When one considers the world, it's amazing how relatively easy it is to gain the trust of wild animals. Reminds me of the stories of the first people to visit islands that have no humans, and how the animals showed no fear.

And these are great shots. You really should write this "storage" story up. Make a wonderful article - really!

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You learn something new everyday. I had no idea they used the leaves for storage. Great pictures and info Norm!
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