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I know this is a bit off topic. But, since I mostly post in this forum I figured I'd ask all you pros what you do for editing. Not so much what but, more like, when. So, when you edit your pics, do you resize first and then do the editing (usm, contrast, etc.) or do you edit forst then resize? And why do you do it the way you do? Just wondering. thanx!!!

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My preference is to edit the photo first, and get it to the quality I want. This becomes my prime storage picture. I then copy the edited picture to a sub-directory where I resize it, sharpen, watermark it, and compress it to the forum size requirement. Then I finally upload.

This keeps a quality picture on my computer in my storage area, and allows me to upload a resized photo to a forum without endangering my prime picture.

Hope this helps.
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This is basically exactly what I do.
I edited it at full size and see if I'm happy with it. I do some times do some test crops to see if things work the way that I want.

but I do some editing that applies to the image at its current size, then I save it. Then I resize it, sharpen it, fix any contrast issues that sharpening it effected, then put a copyright on it and save it again (especially if its for a print.)

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I edit before resizing, too. I like to have the largest edited version possible for printing purposes. For my posts here I just resize the larger edited fileand send.
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