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Its your monitor. My monitor is profiled and they look very good.

The 3rd one suffers from over sharpening, but that is being picky.
They are stunning. I know I could never get that close to a bald eagle where I live.
I hate to ask this, but I must. Are they actually wild eagles? If they are, then I certainly live in the wrong area of the world!

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Where I grew up (an island in the Mississippi, in Iowa, you could go out on the backwaters which had frozen solid, and walk up to eagles on the ice. They weren't in the least intimidated, and wouldn't move.

It was almost as though they were daring one to get closer. No one I know about ever did. Unbelieveable birds, though.
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Outstanding work, especially #1.


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Incredible!!! I'm glad you reposted Linda. It was definitely worth the wait. What equipment do you use and how close were you? Awsome photos. Woody
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Again, thank you for the positive feedback. To answer a few questions. . . the close-up portraits (#1, #3) were taken at the National Eagle Research Center in Wabasha, Minnesota where they have three resident Eagles that are unable to be returned to the wild. They have Volunteer handlers there with the bird tethered to them. You can be within 10" of the bird if you want, as long as you don't reach out for the bird or make any sudden movements. The photo of the immature Bald Eagle was taken along the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin side. As for what camera equipment I use. . . Canon 20D, Canon 400mm f/5.6L, Canon 300mm f/4L IS, Canon 17-85mm IS, and Canon 1.4x teleconverter.
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Just want to say thanks for sharing. Like the eagle was sitting thee and waiting for you.
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