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Eric, this is one marvelous collection of Raptors and I know you are proud. I know I would be. I have a few good ones of the Osprey and the Red Tail but I never get to see any of the others. Btw I wont to appologize for the wayI answered your offer of help a while back. I've been thinking about that ever since and wont you to know that it just came out the wrong way and that I'm deeply sorry. I know that you just wanted to help just like you alwayshavewith my questions on photographing birds. I sincerely hope you can forgive me for not thinking clearly about what I was saying.

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all of them are very nice.. i really like the 2nd eagle shot!!
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Sheeer work of beautify.
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You could be right about the ground nesting. That would certainly explain why they are comfortable there. A quick look in a bird book doesn't confirm that, but it says that they do hunt small birds. I've never seen them catch one, I always assumed they were hunting mice/voles. Very interesting, learn something new every day.

Yes, that is one of the hawks that I mentioned. I saw it one morning on a lamp post about 30 feet from this location (on top of a building.) In this case, it was earlier in the morning and had much better light. Softer, warmer light is a lovely thing.

The weather is looking good. It's interesting that you checked that, because I did as well and thought about mentioning it. Finally, a good weekend day of weather! I'm sick of looking out side and seeing rain (today) or cold and windy. We want some cold, to freeze up the rivers and bring out the eagles, but last Sunday was nasty. I haven't photographed anything in several weeks and I'm feeling antsy

Nothing you said bothered me, don't worry about it. Really. Part of the reason I come here and not places like dpreview.com is that the people are much nicer. This is just a nice place to hang out.

I'm glad you all like them, I enjoy sharing them.


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Wow, great pics! I especially like the baby kestrals.
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