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After my scaring the Ducks away so dramatically - I now used my new method of getting them back. This is to throw a ball or piece of wood, down the beach for Chato to chase.

With any other kind of bird that I've run into, (with the exception of Swans) this would drive them away. But with these Greater Scaups, they can't seem to resist swimming closer to see what the heck that is. Not all of them come closer, but quite a few do, and usually led by the Ladies.

These pictures are about as close as I've ever gotten to the Scaups and while cropped, these images are about 60 percent full frame.


This Scaup took a break from oberving the dog, to scratch an itch. It shows off the nature of the beak. The bottom jaw is recessed into the top - You can see her "teeth" which she uses to catch crustaceans. Scaups are omnivourous, and eat fish and shellfish along with weeds.




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