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Wow, that's amazing. I'm new to digital "processing", and have not used photoshop much at all (aside from a quick sharpen, crop or resize) much less played with RAW files-I had no idea you could make that drastic a difference.

I'm planning on taking a photoshop course soon (this spring or summer) and now I will be sure to pay close attention when they start talking about working with RAW!!

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BTW, Noiseware professional 4 is out, and it's a big improvment over 3 (which was pretty good). So whereas I used to use Noise Ninja and occasionally Noiseware, it's now reversed.
Thanks for the info, Dave - Iuse Noise Ninja at the moment, however, I shall give Noiseware a bash.

Murmurmel, it does make a huge difference working with RAW, but it does cost - TIME !! [But it is worth it, I think the post-processing part of photography is just as fulfilling as the shooting]
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Spot on again, Jake! Brett had a look at Nigel Dennis's website today and maintains that your photos are every bit as good!!! And that's quite a compliment.
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Jake, You have made a believer out of me! Those blown highlights are very typical of my shots as I try to increase the brightness of my subject. I would ask you how you did this but I'm sure it's a very involved process. Could you recommend a book or web site that may cover this?.... or maybe I should just quit being a lazy old fart and find the manual.:G

Thanks for posting !

JakeTPegg wrote:
Sure, Kent, here it is. There is no sharpening as well. It must be noted that in .jpg mode, the camera's built insoftware [all digital cameras, point and shoot included] will shoot in raw, then convert to jpg with whatever settings are built into the cameras own software. Sharpening, saturation, white balance and exposure [to a degree] are then handled by the camera, rather than by the post processing software/user. That is why it is better to do the PP youself, it gives you better flexibility and choice.
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