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I would like some help from you digital camera buffs. I have a Olympus C2100 and I would like to up-grade it. I enjoy the stabilization and zoom on that camera but it is only a 2.1 megapixel. I use my camera for wildlife and flower photography. I need a lot of zoom and a good macro. I'm goingback and forth on whether tobuy a SLR or single lens camera. Will I be disappointed if I don't buy the SLR?Carrying and changing the lens in the field was somewhat of a problem it myold "filmcamera."My pictures are usually just e-mailed to friends. Thanks, in advance; on any help.
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if you don't plan to make prints, or at least large ones (8x10 or larger), there's not much need for a DSLR. DSLR's will do some pretty cool things, but for what you need, it's not worth the $700 ante just to get a body, plus hundreds more for the lenses you'd need to get comparable zoom. you can get lovely 4x6 or 5x7 prints withany of the 5-8 Mp superzooms out there for a fraction of the cost. i have a Panasonic FZ20, 5Mp, with a 12x zoom equivalent to a 36-432mm lens on a film SLR. it will focus down to about an inch in macro mode, and with an add-on close-up lens like the MCON-35 (or the Nikon 6T, if you can find one), you can back up to 12" and use the full zoom range to magnify your subject even more. for the kinds of photography you describe, one of these cameras would probably be perfect. You can get an FZ20 now for about $400 brand new, since the replacement FZ30 (8Mp, a few more horns and whistles) came out. there are also compact models, like the FZ5, that offer many of the FZ20's capabilities, but have no manual focus or flash hotshoe.

there are several other "superzoom compacts" out there, by Fuji, K-M, and Canon, but i've only used the Panasonics, so ihave no basis torecommend the other brands.

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The biggest reason to get a DSLR is sports pictures. There is no "lag" with a DSLR, and you get the picture you had when you tripped the shutter.

And of course, you can change lenses. I was perfectly happy with my Olympus other than that.

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Don't ignore the weight issue either! A DSLR is heavy compared to even a point-and-shoot "super zoom" camera.

For what I do, which is very high end bird photography (I sell some stuff) I have a DSLR. But that is because I'm always pushing the boundries. I try to get the osprey when its diving. I go for the kinglets while they are hoping around on the tree.

I rarely shoot things like great blue herons. I like them, but unless there is something special the usual static shots are just that... usual. I'm going for something with more personality. To get those, I need a DSLR.

To that end, I own both a 20D and a 1D MkII N.

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