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I agree with everyone else.....excellent job!
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Thanks everyone for all the kind comments!

Killdeer and Squirl, I was using a D70s, 300mm nikor f4 lens with the 1.4e II TC which gives me ~ 420mm.these shots came out so well because of the awesome light I had that morning and I was able to get within 30' of most of my subjects. Most shots were taken at ISO 250, 1/800 - 1/1200sec at F5.6. It was 8:00am in the morningand I had positioned myself with the sun to my back for most of the shots... Fern Hill's trails traverse the shorelinewhich allow close accessto the water. Other places Ican't seem toget any closer than100' or so without them taking flight. The fishing must be great here to keep them around. I had spend some time scoping out the area and noticed the Heron were interritorial confrontations and didn'tseem to mindpeople getting close. I watched and noticed, when spooked, the Heron would fly down the bank and return when another Heron remindedthem of the breach of bounderes.I positioned myself within this flight pathandwaited forsomeone to come down the traill. Sure enoughthe Heronwould fly past me and then return a few minuets later. I kept low and quiet and would slowely rise with the camera on a monopod and track them as they flew past.

So basically,....schedule your shoot for optimum lighting conditions, scope it out and take advantage of the situation!

Dave, I also love the morning light. I have more shotswith the backlight and will post them once have more time to process them.


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Really nice light...
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