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thkn777 Aug 24, 2006 8:22 AM

Very lucky shot if you ask me, so I thought I share it here:

Handheld through a bus window with only some light coming through the trees... got some blurry ones and the above, which lost a bit due to resizing.


P.S: You get an extra point if you can tell what they are doing here ;)

Buzzsaw Aug 25, 2006 8:35 AM

Nice shot, for that extra point I'm going to say: :-) He's about to do the "Dirty Sanchez". :lol::lol:

nlp239 Aug 25, 2006 8:46 AM

Well let me guess - she looks happy having her nits picked.

thkn777 Aug 25, 2006 12:35 PM

Well... here it comes. I think it's safe to say that you don't get such chances very often...

They were like 15-20 metres away - what a moment!

Buzzsaw Aug 25, 2006 1:22 PM

Ahhhh, the pink crayon!!

wadue Aug 25, 2006 8:53 PM

Mike, you'll killing me!:G:G:G! We've got bug porno on the pentax forum & now cat-porno on this one!

nlp239 Aug 26, 2006 7:13 AM

Mike, will you now clean the coffee off my k'board.

Buzzsaw Aug 26, 2006 7:58 AM


tigerwings1st Aug 26, 2006 6:25 PM

She looks pretty unimpressed by the whole thing! :blah:

thkn777 Aug 28, 2006 8:26 AM

Hm. If you stroke a cat on/under the neck it tries to make some kind of rubberneck and closes it's eyes half. A bit later it starts to purr.

Now take a photo of that cat and watch it - does the cat looks "unimpressed"?

Actually the female lion here was clearly taunting "him". Believe it or not :)

tigerwings1st wrote:

She looks pretty unimpressed by the whole thing! :blah:

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