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it appears that i misidentified the bird in the last 3 pics in my post "a few more green herons" (no surprise there, i'm certainly no bird expert!!). i had thought it was either a juvenile or an immature green heron, but it really is an American bittern. these birds are much harder to spot than the green herons - they're often heard, apparently, but very seldom seen. in fact, birders at this particular park get excited just to see one, much less get within a dozen feet, andspend 30 minutes watching and photographing it! yesterday must've been a lucky day for me! :lol:

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Least bittern Ixobrychus exilis

Identification Tips:
  • Length: 11 inches Wingspan: 17 inches [/*]
  • Very small wading bird [/*]
  • Buff face and sides to the neck [/*]
  • White chin, throat, foreneck and belly [/*]
  • Buff wing coverts visible in flight and at rest
Adult male:
  • Black cap [/*]
  • Black back [/*]
  • Fairly faint brown streaks on fore-neck
Adult female:
  • Brown cap [/*]
  • Brown back [/*]
  • More obvious brown streaks on fore-neck
  • Buff cap does not contrast with face [/*]
  • Blackish streaks on foreneck [/*]
  • Brown back
Similar species:
Green Heron lacks buff color to head and wings. All other herons are much larger.

Check out this link.


and this one which is better yet.


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American bittern - http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAbou...n_Bittern.html
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