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Coming out of Mike and Jake - there is no bigger compliment - IMO

Boily, I've seen lots up your way. Were abouts in La belle Province are you?

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Top Notch VP!!
I also think #1 is a wonderful picture and needs to be framed and hung on a wall.
Could you list the exif info for the second and third shots.

Never mind, I was able to get the info myself....
some CC.... Unless you're attempting to stop the hummer's wing in flight I'd drop the ISO, close down the aperture and go with a "slightly" slower shutter speed if you can. Looks like you had plenty of light since you were lowering exposure. Personally I'd go for the DOF and clearer picture and allow the blurred wing as it's expected in hummer pictures (IMO).
Other than that these are wonderful pictures that I'd be proud to have taken myself.


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I really appreciate all the comments guys.....not in same league with most here though.

Jake & Mike.....I know you two don't give comments loosely.....and they are appreciated.

Kem...appreciate your comments and helpfulCC. Feel free always.

Settings I use have been all over the board for same conditions.Finally have decided it's not just me. AF on the lens I have been using just hunts too much....and combined w/2x makes it tough. Sometimes all comes together andI can get aclear pic. Finally switched over to MF for a few shots and much better results. Didn't pay the money to have to use that all time. New lens coming.:-)
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KEM is right on... I usually shot my hummer shots between ISO 200 and ISO 400 and it is plenty as you are taking there pic as they float in an almost still position.... and like KEM said the wing blur really just adds to and accentuates the hummers rapid wing beats. :-)
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