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Thanks all. Your comments are much appreciated.

Steve was a dear friend, who taught me most of what I know about photography; and a good bit about computers and electronics in general.

He will be greatly missed.

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I joined Steve's Digicams when I first switched to digital photography from film in the first decade of this century. This site was different from many others in that it was friendly and accessible. It's great that it's still here after a notable thinning of the herd in terms of photographic sites over the years.

My heart goes out to Steve's family and friends. May his legacy continue.
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Old Mar 29, 2017, 3:33 PM   #13
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Really sad news that "The Steve"'s passed away and at what many of us would consider a "short innings". It was he's Steves digicams that helped me the most to get into taking photos from the reviews and the forums, finding some of the nicest people that became friends and tutors of any photography site on the web bar none.

Condolences to Steve and his his family for their loss in this difficult time.

Ciao Steve, you will be missed !


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Old Apr 1, 2017, 10:48 AM   #14
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very sad news however his name will live on and his forum will continue to help many more
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Old Apr 20, 2017, 5:21 PM   #15
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Sorry to hear that Steve is no longer with us. I've been a way for a while - used to use this forum a lot at one point but have only occasionally returned. When I joined back in 2003 the forum was a bit more active as many more folks were making their initial digital transition. I recall Steve himself answering several posts - including one of mine back then.
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Old Apr 26, 2017, 8:40 AM   #16
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  • The lens is the thing.
  • 'Full Frame' is the new 'Medium Format'.
  • "One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions." - Tex Johnston, Boeing 707 test pilot.
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Originally Posted by TCav View Post

Always use tasteful words - you may have to eat them.
You cannot find knowledge by rearranging your ignorance.

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Default RIP Steve

Condolences to all Steve's friends and family.
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Old Jun 20, 2017, 11:00 AM   #19
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Though, I'm a bit late to the news, this is indeed sad news.

Steve founded a great forum, and well done to him for the legacy that he has left behind. My thoughts and prayers for his friends and family... and in a sense, for us all.

I had experienced the best (i.e. positive, helpful, genuine, 'all-learning-together') online digital photography community back here many years ago.

(Not knocking the current forum... just it was a special one for me back when I was using the early digital P&S's and my first DSLR).

Don't get online as much as I used to, but I take at least as many photos.

Regards, from Paul (in Australia)
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Default Sad news but glad it all happened to build this.

I am very sorry to hear the news.
I am very late in posting or reading this, got a software engineering job two years ago and have not really picked up my camera since.
I was full time film since the 70's.
Got my first DSLR and posted my first in Jun 20, 2011.
Had fun and the people here are awesome, this was the first forum I joined, you got my best shots and even got photo of the day.
I won the computer system giveaway which I am forever grateful for.
This site will be the greatest and made many friends here.
Hope Steve's legacy will live on.
Nikon D5000 with Kit lenses, 18-55 55-200
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