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Originally Posted by conor View Post
I know that some cameras (especially some web-cameras) have an IR filter on the sensor or on the lens in an effort to remove IR from the captured image (much like a UV-0 filter).
If you remove this "filter" and replace it with a scrap of exposed film, you can effectively create a camera that can only capture IR (as a piece of exposed film will filter out all visible light.

So, two things.
1) Depending on your goal, there may be inexpensive ways of building yourself a little IR rig
2) Depending on the camera you're using, the IR might be filtered out already, regardless of what filter you add to the front of the lens.

Just a couple thoughts

I'm not sure how this image qualifies as "Infrared". Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye, and thus doesn't have a colour (at least not one that the human eye can perceive). Most infrared cameras, like those seen in security systems, will output a grayscale image, representing the various intensities of those infrared waves. Your reference image has visible light in it, as demonstrated by the various colours. My assumption is that you could achieve a similar effect in Photoshop from a standard colour image.


i am aware of all that Conor
i use a canon 700d with the 18-55 II kit lens. it was suppose the filter block most of the visible light, and then post production should do the rest, but i can't achieve a good result.
talking with some other photographers it seems that most of the cheap ebay filters are rubbish. most of them moves to the hoya IR filter and they say it was like day and night
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Originally Posted by D3v1l View Post
i am aware of all that Conor
Fair enough!
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? infrared image ?

you mean a REPRESENTATION of an INVISIBLE image


'smoke and mirrors'

... imo: just fake it and be done
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