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New to this photography thing in whole but learning thanks to folks on the board and books. The picture in question I am working on the curves is this too much or am I getting a desired effect. I really like the shot and I think that the color here is more representative of the flower. I would also like to say thanks to all who post comments, I have only peeped in up to this point from behind the curtains. But I figured the worst they can say is this looks terrible shoot the picture again and lets try to set the curves again. But cant learn if I dont get people to tell me what to change. Oh by the way the flower here is not a purple passion I was just intrigued by the passion posting, and this is what I am most passionate about the flowers and the vivid colors they can produce.

Thanks again,

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Hi Allen.

Welcome to the fun. I am not quite sure what you are asking. Perhaps posting the original version would help us comment on your edit.

I like the simplicity of composition, and the color is great. I guess what I would do would be to try to bring out the color and detail in the stem and leaves a bit.

Using Photoimpact, I created a High Dynamic Range copy, and pasted it back over the original in luminance only mode, with about 25% transparency.

With PSE3, I would probably use the Shadows/highlights tool to bring up the darker areas, and inctrease midtone contrast.
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Hi Allen, and welcome to the gang!

I'm not the one to comment on how to change things technically but I can tell you what works to MY eye.

VT did a nice job for a soft affect but I think I prefer to deeper colours in the first post. It gives more of a contrast and that in turn enhances the colours.

Both are lovely and both have a different effect.

Nice job all around! Keep posting!

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Here's my go: I kept the colors the same (you said you liked them)...used about a 20% screen layer to brighten, nik sharpened 50%, then a touch of shadow/highlight. There is some compression artifacts in the original post... would work much better on the full res pic.

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I like that look, thats what I was shooting for. I compressed it greatly to get it up on the site. It was originally at 8mp shot from an A200 in macro. But you gave it the clarity that I was looking for thanks for the information on how to correct it when I get back to home I will crank up PS CS2 and try to figure out exactly what you done. Thanks again.


The original looked like what you done. Maybe I should just have left it along, maybe it was fine untouched
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