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In search of Syd Dec 1, 2005 12:51 PM

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Would be grateful if any of you dudes could show me how to remove the background. I thought it would look better with a flat colour background.

Thanks . . .

In search of Syd Dec 1, 2005 12:58 PM

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I also have the same problem with this one. I'm sure it would look a lot better without the background. My ps skills don't stretch this far yet. I feel this one needs sharpening a bit too.

Many thanks . . .

creeduk Dec 1, 2005 1:37 PM

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OK for this one I would go witha method that after practice will help you out a lot. The pen method. Yes you could use a brush and paint the mask, you could use the extract function along with history brush and get it done but all are time consuming and have pro's and cons. the pen method allows you to make easy mods to the profile before and after you commit. Draw the path, make a vector mask, tweak until happy and then for the final touch, I would add a raster mask, reveal all and stroke that same patch with a small soft brush set to black. I included a stroked path on the right to show.

creeduk Dec 1, 2005 1:40 PM

The second image is more trick as you have hair so you could do half and half (vector the raster) there are several posts on masking hair, if you look back, but basically time and care. somtimes it is just as easy to add the stray hairs back into the picture than to try and maintain the original ones.

In search of Syd Dec 1, 2005 4:20 PM

Wow! I am very impressed. I am very new to photoshop/photo-editingand just fumbling my way along at the mo. I want to learn all this so may invest in a couple of books and tutorials. You've given me a lot to go on and will try this out. I also think I need to invest in a graphics tablet and pen. I used to have a Trust A4 wired tablet which stopped working. I'm now looking at the Wacom. Any suggestions along this line as working with the mouse is tricky to say the least?

Thanks again!

creeduk Dec 1, 2005 11:29 PM

You can't go wrong with wacom, all you have to do is decide which size suits you best. They have the new one designed for wide screen use, very nice. I used to use a wacom when I first started but when I left that company (quiet a few years back now) I decided I did not have the budget so went back to mouse. recentley I have been gievn one to use by a very generous collauge it is the Graphire model and It works great, I still use the mouse as well though over the years I have become so used to it that to re-teach myself the pen for all things seems like hard Todays edit was all mouse as I have the tablet at home right now. I tried a cheaper one for a friend from Aldi a 12x9 ($39) I forget the make, Size seems cool but took up too much desk and not the same quality as wacom. My problem is I buy one I want all the bells and whisltes :) meaning intuos with express strips and the tilt pen.

Today a collague at work had just boaught element 4 and wanted to know should he return it buy a tablet instead (with free copy of Elements 3) my advice was, as we had previously decided he did not need to get full photoshop as his desire was 90% color mods crop and resize work (Digital photographer) and his desire was not to get into too much editing, then he could save the money, keep elements 4 and usinga mouse would surfice. I love pens don't get me wrong but not everyone needs one. Decide if you do, if you do, go wacom, now just choose which model and color you like and dive in :D

creeduk Dec 2, 2005 10:35 AM

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OK I had some down time while waiting for a tech call, so I did the second image, this time I decided from reading a different thread that rather than remove background you would want to de-emphasize it which makes life easier as we can be a bit more free with the brush tool as small slips and blurs will not show as much as the background is still there. I went an extra step and reduced the levels on the background which makes you tidy up a bit more than if I simply desatured. I also de-focused it making the foreground pop more.

In search of Syd Dec 2, 2005 12:28 PM

I'm impressed again! I like this a lot, it really brings out the foreground. I'm inspired. I have been practising a bit but not good enough to post yet. Think I'll have a look online this evening and check those wacoms out. This is fun too! :cool:

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