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Padsnbon Jul 1, 2006 5:30 PM

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This is the second picture (see Major Challenge) that needs some help with. Again this is the only scanned copy we have of my husband's grandfather.

Shrimpy Jul 2, 2006 12:22 PM

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Thanks you so much for posting such a good real world restoration photo, Heres my 15 minutes attempt, I plan to put a little more time into it later,
Thanks For Sharing,
The Shrimp

bhammitt Jul 2, 2006 8:21 PM

Hello Padsnbon! Here is my attempt.


Shrimpy Jul 2, 2006 8:51 PM

Cheater!, you used automatic filters!,

Just kidding, nice job, looks better then mine,
The Shrimp

bhammitt Jul 2, 2006 9:07 PM

:GAlls fair in love, war and photo editing! Thanks Shrimpy, good old Corel photo paint clone tool.


fofa Jul 2, 2006 11:01 PM

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As with the other one, it appears to flaten the image when you get to removing to much, this is about as far as I found I can go, maybe too far already.

Padsnbon Jul 3, 2006 12:00 PM

Those are excellent!Thanks so much for your assistance.... I will go now and also attempt the improvements made here...... but I may revert to these :)

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