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i'm entering a photo contest in my area and am entering this photo. Basically all photos must be taken at this park and I snapped this shot out of the window of a historic house at the perfect time.I think its great because it has the frame of the historic window along with people in the period dress. they say a release form is needed if the people are recognizable,,,, i dont think that applies for this because of the distance,, what do you think?

any suggestions, do you think its good for the contest? suggestions on what to enchance? feel free to edit with your ideas

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I don't think you need to worry about releases for the people but I'm not sure about the dog! :lol::lol:

It is a nice picture but one thing that concerns me is that light "foggy" area just below and to the left of the woman in blue. I'm not sure if that is a reflection in the window or a fingerprint on the lens but it caught my attention immediately.

Generally, when shooting through glass, you should get as close as possible to avoid reflections. Alternatively, the room you are in should be darkened. Since you want the window frame in the picture, getting close to the glass doesn't work. Darkening the room may not be possible either.

Consequently, you will need to fix it in your photo editing software. Someone else will have to tell you how to do it since I haven't been too successful in making adjustments in a selction and having it blend smoothly with the surroundings.

Good luck.

Cal Rasmussen
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Here's a quick job in photoshop(about 5 minutes).My method is to make a freehand selection feather it then make an adjustment layer (in this case contrast/brightness). Make a minor adjustment, then repeat the process making another adjustment layerwith a different selection. I wound up with 5 or 6 adjustment layers- all contrast/brightness of varying sizes, shapes, and sizes. That way you will maintain a randomness to your adjustments so they blend in well.

with a enough time, you can completely eliminate as much of the reflection as you want. I personally like the cloudiness around the edges of the glass but I too think it is distracting where it obscures the people.

Good luck

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I think this is a nice photo with a lot of potential. Heres a couple of quick workovers Ive done to give you some Ideas for this shot.:-)

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Maybe age it a bit

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Here is my try.

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