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Ok, heres my take on it. I could do more, but i didn't have a lot of time.

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normjackson wrote:
Thanks for responding geutz. Glad you like.

You're right Corpsy. Sorry, instead of putting down the first thing that came into my head to fill the text box, I should have mentioned there was all sorts of incoherent messing about done (including a bit of colouring on the hair). Might explain the missed purplish hues on face and hands:G If you or anyone has Photoshop CS onwards, I'd be interested to see what Chip Springer's Digital Grey Card action would make of this picture. It's at top ofselection of actions put at the bottom of this page and is a freebie : http://www.atncentral.com/download.htm I've seen impressive results with it on the dpreview retouching forum.
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I didn't read all the comments here so if I step on sombody's toes, I apologize in advance. This looks llike a simple white balance issue. Since you are in an office, the lighting is no doubt fluorescent. Fluorescent lighting will cause a strong greenish cast in a photo if WB is set for daylight or sun. It might do so if WB is set for auto, also. The trick is to set the WB for fluorescent. Most digital camera have several presets for WB and fluorescent is one of them. Make sure you set it back to auto or sun before you try shooting outside.


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