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Originally Posted by SharpShotGal View Post
Jachol, that would be cheating and it dont look like she is that type .. they have these things where they go around taking shots of them selves and sending them in to the RAG and some even have contests doing so so that would be cheating ... sorry but I had to tell that one off.... my thoughts.... but I am sure she would enjoy thinking of how she would look if she went there... can you change her dress tooo... Heels and black dress for the first one and the second one a Cleopatra type dress .... she can not take my own spot I am told I was here in my past life...
Sure it would be cheating, and no way am I suggesting Heather would do so. To me this was just a photoshop exercise, and I don't regard them as perfect by any means. ... as for changing dress etc. I don't think that's within the range of my PS expertise, I have experimented and learned a lot of PS tricks over several years, but still regard myself as an amateur. The PS learning curve is steep, and I doubt it ever ends, there always seems to be something new to learn.
The Purists frown on any PP of photos, personally I don't subscribe to that view, IMO most pictures can stand modest improvementon what the camera produces. ... Just my thoughts expressed here, nothing more. ... Jack
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Course I was funning with you so laugh and laugh a lot cause I cant at the moment it hurts to do so.
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Gellis1, I think that you were thinking about matte painting. Google it and see if that's what you were thinking about.
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Wowwww! Bynx your last take on the pic was Superrrrrrrb. If that was me and my bike I'de be Elated with it. That would be a brilliant poster on the wall. Excelenttttay.
or ev waaaaa.

Lumix Fx-01

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Thanks Mark. Its been a while now since I did it. I only hope Heather is doing well and enjoying it.
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I've noticed that you're quite good at this Bynx, and I envy the skills you have in doing so. Could you please explain a bit how to achieve something like that? I have CS5, but nowhere I would manage to get it like you have there, or close to it. Well done, and great modification you make!
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The laborious part of the work is close cropping the image. Once that is done you can change backgrounds quicker than you can change your clogs. I used Alien Skin to create a drop shadow for the bike. So its just basically cut and paste. I did beef up the image so it was a little sharper and had a little more pop than the original. Thats it. I will let you in on a little secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone. When I started using Photoshop with version 1.0 I had to learn it on my own. And I was being paid to use it fast and right. I have never had a lesson yet and over the years Ive used Photoshop for many different things. Some quite bizarre by normal standards. As a result I dont have a structured way of dealing with Photoshop. I know most of the tools, where they are and what they will do. I start on every project with a clean slate and just figure out what I want to do and then how I would go about doing it. I dont think I could ever duplicate any complicated job the same way twice. That isnt good to say or to be. But thats the way it is. Ive always wanted to go on an Adobe course and graduate with a diploma that says I know what Im doing. But I get by without it unfortunately.
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