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Hi everyone, can someone fix this picture or show me how in PSP 9. I have 4 more like this one. Thanks for all your help! Emily
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Hello mummymold, sorry, don't have PSP but have done an edit in CS to show what can be achieved, then hopefully someone with PSP will jump in. Although I understand a lot of the functions are similar.

Adjusted the levels as the highlights were drastically left wanting. If this is available in PSP, you drag the shadow and the highlight sliders in to the bottom of the histograms 'mountains'. You will see the image dramatically change as this will effectively redistribute the available pixels in the correct tonal range.

I also ran the pic through Noise Ninja (noise removal software) to smooth out the pixelation due to a combination of reduced file size for the web and the fact you used digital zoom on this shot............not generally a good thing. I am not an expert in photography techniques, but would suggest you were too far away from the subject for the flash to be of any effect. Also the use of the red eye reduction flash may not have helped and was unnecessary in this instance anyway as the subject was not looking at the camera. Though I appreciate this could have been a simple oversight (left activated after it was needed). Anyway, you should be able to make something of these shots, with, as I said, the input of some PSP'ers.


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Here's my try with PSP-9

1. one step photo fix

2. digital noise removel set at 70

3. Histogram adjust Gamma 1.12 high 159 midtones -15 Play with the histogram some, you maay get it better.

4. unsharp mask set at radius 2 strength 130 clip 3

5. auto color balance at temp 4627

6. Slight brightness/ contrast adj.

Your results may vary when you use the original pic. PPlay with the buttons and see what you can get. lol

This morning I noticed that her dress color faded during my adjust. If you use the 'magicwand' to select the dress and then go to adjust/color mixer then color balance you can bring back the color in the dress.

Good luck.
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Old May 2, 2005, 8:07 PM   #4
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As stevekin points out levels and or curves are the way to start with this. y looking at the histogram you will see this image is all bunched up on the right and needs to be balanced. On the levels drag the dark in slightly to add batter contrast to the shadow, then pull the white over until it starts to look right but also with each move of white readjust the center slide which is the midtone. If i recall on this image it needs to go right as well. As for the noise there is a good jpeg artifact removal tool in PSP 9 go with that but don't over do it and then maybe a little dust and scratches but again not too much. I have not used PSP for active edits for a log time V4 or 5 maybe but I have used it and had it on one system or other ever since V3 right up to 9 as I like jasc and prior to V7 of Photoshop there was no browser do I used PSP as my browser now I just have it around out of habit (and the upgrade cost is cheap)

Steve nice job on a rough picture. I would probably desat the reds a touch though.

(CS2 smart sharpen as well works nice on this)

Oh I see cwodave has posted as well while I write thism (that's chasing the kids for you..lol takes ages to finish a post) so another source of reference.
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I do not have a noise remover, but I used fill flash and auto-levels.
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I can't say if my edit is any improvement over what is already done, but here goes:

I used the levels-equalize tool in Photoimpact to bring the brightness and contrast up, saved a copy, and then ran thru Picture Cooler, which , in this case, gave better results than Neat Image. I then overlaid it on the first, and adjusted transparency.

PSP and Photoshop do similar things, but may use different names, and the settings probably won't transfer from one to another.


style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"PS: The little girl is adorable. I can see why you want to salvage these.
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Hi everyone! You all did a awesome job! Thanks so much! Emily
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one more try.

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Old May 4, 2005, 9:56 AM   #9
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Here's my try with Elements 3.
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Though i'd have a little go using freehand colour correction
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