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Oh my I didnt mean to cause all of this. I was just showing Steve kind of what I learned from him, being that Im just a newbie to photoshop. I knew the color of the water was not natural looking I was just amazed that I actually learned how to do something in photoshop then have the program just sitting on puter and not being able to do anything with it.

Thanks for all the posts and ideas.

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mailwmr5 wrote:
Oh my I didnt mean to cause all of this.
Well you should have thought of that when you became a member .

JUST KIDDING :blah::lol:............You really haven't caused anything.

Sometimes things can be taken slightly differently to how it was meant. My response to honest and friendly criticism was in no way meant to suggest I was offended, it may have just seemed that way :?. It's awkward to express tone of voice in print.

Just you keep at the editing and feel free to ask anyone for help, anytime. It's great fun. 8)

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Crossing the finish line months after the rest of the team, Mike! Anyways, it's a boring night so I thought I'd have a go at it. I picked a color that was a little too blue and the way I edited it didn't allow me to replace the color, so I tried to fix it with its layer's opacity. Meh, it worked okay. In the future, I would add a new layer and set it to either Color or Overlay mode. Then I would paint the color in. That way, I would be able to easily change the color of the water.
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Remember to look for reflected light as well, thelight bouncing off waterin the original image isbacklighting the boy's left side with a yellow hue. In all the edits, the water colour is changed but the bounced light is not. It's a small detail but the kids will fit into the scene a lot better.
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I have to say the original still looks the best.
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