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True, that's why I explained it was an exaggerated DOF, and to lighten the mask in the desired areas to avoid this. My edit was for pure speed.

Sometimes that can be the desired result, OK it is not what would really happen, but does ensure focus on the subject.

Nice Edit though DD. One point I would make is DO NOT erase if you can mask. Most editors have the ability to create masks so I urge you as will many others here to mask out the details and not erase this is non destructive editing and so much easier to fix or alter later on.

Another DOF method involving the similar prep work is duplicate the layer, create a mask like I have shown, basically create the first mask I showed then paint with a lower opacity brush changing the setting to darken (now you will now change any of the black pixels). Finally use filter>lens blur and under depth map choose layer mask option. If it appears wrong use the invert option box. Slide the blur focus distance to achieve the desired result. The foreground (closet part of chair) will be a slight blur the background more so and the focal subject fully protected by the mask will stay in focus. You can now disable the mask, unless you wish to use it to reveal other changes such as the desaturation you have opted for or it could be some color adjustment.

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Yes, that one is a better one. Sometimes the masking process can be difficult to understand for some.

But as long as you don't work on the original copy, even the erasing technique works well.

Either way, you have to be very careful not to blur the edges of your prime focus. Keep all the crispness you can and sharpen some too.
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